Getting Married In Mallorca On A Budget

Getting Married In Mallorca On A Budget – Is It Possible?

Getting married in Mallorca on a budget may not be as difficult as it sounds. What you need is expert help – and that is at hand, if you know where to look. At Lifestyle Catering, we’re already well established in Mallorca, having been based here for the last 19 years. We have built a great reputation both home and abroad for providing a quality of service that never fails to satisfy clients celebrating not only weddings, but blessings and celebrations of all kinds on this beautiful island we call home. But why choose to get married abroad; and why Mallorca?

Reasons To Work With Our Wedding Planner Mallorca

One of the reasons many people are becoming attracted to the idea of marrying in Mallorca is the sheer cost of receiving a comparable service in the UK. Of course, money can’t buy the better weather that getting married in Mallorca Spain tends to offer you on your big day! But aside from that, if you do your research and select a wedding planning company like Lifestyle Catering, you can benefit from our extensive experience; and save some money into the bargain. That is because we offer a highly personalised experience that’s tailored to you and your guests’ wishes. If you choose one of our delicious menus for the celebrations on your big day, we will offer you a full wedding planning service, without any charge. And what advantages does this offer you? Well, firstly, we are here in person, on the ground. As you probably won’t be spending a lot of time in Mallorca personally before your wedding day, it’s good to have a company you can trust in situ to make all the arrangements beforehand. Secondly, we have built positive, constructive relationships with many of the best and most professional suppliers Mallorca has to offer, so you can be assured that the services you receive on your special day are all tried and tested, and you won’t pay a premium for them. A good wedding planner Mallorca based will not only save you time, but money too; and that makes getting married in Mallorca on a budget easier than you might imagine.

The Beauty Of Getting Married In Mallorca

We have already mentioned one or two reasons why getting married in Mallorca could make your day ever so special. The greater possibility of better weather is one of these. Another is that Mallorca offers a choice of stunning surroundings which will give a really special feel to your day and look even better in wedding photography. You have a choice of backdrops, from marrying in the mountains to exchanging vows while overlooking the crystal-blue waters of the sea. There is also a wide array of attractive venues, from one of many traditional, rustic country fincas to a luxurious villa or even a boutique hotel. No matter what theme or style you have chosen for your wedding, there will be a location and setting to match. Another reason to consider getting married in Mallorca is that you have all the benefits of a vacation wedding, but in a location that’s relatively easy for your guests to get to. Daily flights operate here from a host of European destinations, not least from the vast majority of airports in the UK. These flights aren’t expensive either, so if you’d love a wedding somewhere more exotic than your home town, you needn’t worry about making the cost prohibitive for your friends and relatives. In short, Mallorca has a lot to offer. So now, we’ll look at what the right event planner Mallorca based can do for you. Event planning can make the day run smoothly and ensure everything is of the utmost quality. And that’s exactly what you’ll get as standard if you ask the team at Lifestyle Catering to handle your event catering Mallorca.

What You Can Expect From The Best Wedding Planner Mallorca Has To Offer

Here at Lifestyle Catering, we are proud to present our services as the very best wedding planner Mallorca has to offer to brides and grooms from the UK and elsewhere. As we mentioned above, if you book our catering services for your big day, then our free wedding planning service will take care of every aspect for you, from the largest to the smallest detail. What that means is that we don’t just book the venue and lay on the refreshments. We can arrange to have the venue dressed to match your vision for your wedding day, with appropriate flowers, decoration and lighting and even down to the cutlery, crockery and glasses. We can organise everything from the photography to the music – would you like a live band or a DJ? We even take care of transport of your guests to and from your venue if required and can recommend an officiant to bless your union. What makes us so good? Well, there is the fact that we are based in Mallorca all year round, so we have great insider local knowledge when it comes to sourcing the best goods and services. Another factor in our favour is that we are unashamedly perfectionists: every professional contact we use has been hand-selected for the quality of service they provide. And this reflects in the first class reviews and testimonials we have received from couples who have used our wedding planning and catering experience for their own special day. At Lifestyle Catering, we do all in our power to make getting married in Mallorca on a budget easy for you.

Getting Married In Mallorca Is Easy With Lifestyle Catering

If you have decided that you want to get married in Mallorca, Lifestyle Catering will do there upmost to ensure that you have the wedding of your dreams. Booking one of our specially created menus for your wedding catering will give you the bonus of benefiting from our free wedding planning services. From beginning to end, we help create perfect weddings for couples getting married in Mallorca on a budget. If you think we can help you too, why not contact us via our online form to start planning the most important day of your life with our expert help?

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